Hit the ground running

As a fast-growing organization, AWL-Techniek is getting better and better at integrating new employees into the organization. We have expanded enormously, and in the last three years, we have grown to more than 750 employees. Consequently, we are now quite experienced with onboarding, and there is nothing better than quickly making new colleagues independent and successful.

Apart from new colleagues, we also have about 60 trainees a year. In order to arrange everything properly for both apprentices, trainees and new colleagues, our work instructions are well documented and our colleagues are accustomed to training and integrating new colleagues. With this knowledge in our back pocket, in the past years we have developed an onboarding program at AWL, of which we are proud and which we would like to share with you.

What can a new colleague expect from us?

Before the first working day

  • Clear information about all our regulations on signing the contract;
  • Immediately upon signing the contract, we grant access to our onboarding app with the necessary information about our organization.

The first working day

  • There is a joint welcome with all new colleagues who are starting at the same time. All the necessary things are also laid ready;
  • A buddy is assigned on the first working day. We work with buddies because at AWL, we believe that a buddy can assist well with showing the ropes in the organization.

The first weeks

  • In the first week, we provide a clear integration plan with assignments for the first ten days;
  • In the first weeks, we give access to our AWL Academy. This AWL Academy has more than 60 courses that are focused on hard and soft skills. From manual welding to Spanish and from Getting Things Done to robot simulation.
  • Our employees can register and continue developing themselves without any restrictions!

Your first 100 days

We provide a three-day training in which you learn everything about the different work processes at AWL;

  • After two months, we hold an assessment interview to evaluate whether the expectations have indeed been met;
  • We draw up a plan to record the expectations. This also involves clearly stated objectives and the steps needed to achieve them.
  • After 100 days of onboarding, the normal AWL development system follows. Of course, this does not mean that training and development is finished. We want to continue to help in the development of our employees. Personal coaching by the team leader plays an essential role in this respect.

Welcome @ AWL! Hit the ground running.

Hendrikus ter Horst- Manager Personnel & Organization

Posted on Oct 02, 2019

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