Meet the people

Peter Sikkema

Controller – 2017

AWL is an excellent company to work for, with proud employees. We all work on a cool high-tech product, anywhere in the world. I feel a sense of pride when I walk through the hall! For me, the trips I make for AWL are highlights in my work. Adding value locally to starting offices and thus contributing to the growth gives energy! I have been able to develop myself at AWL enormously by the opportunities that I get and I hope to be able to add even more value in the future.

Femke Schut

Operator – 2001

I very much enjoy dealing with people; I’m a real people person. I love helping and supporting people. I also like it when the work is a bit chaotic. I love it when I arrive at work in the morning, and I don’t know what is on my plate. Bring it on; I always find a solution!

In the last few years, I have personally grown rapidly, thanks to AWL and the appropriate courses. After 18 years working at AWL, I am still enjoying it incredibly! I very much like the informal atmosphere.

Magdy Nashed

Constructional Fitter – 2001

I deal with everything related to welding, drilling, and grinding. The team I work with is great, just like the company itself. At AWL, there is always an opportunity for further personal development. For example, through the years I have attained lots of diplomas.

Ricardo Kamphorst

Mechatronics Technician – 2009

At AWL, you are motivated to follow training; you are also helped with this tremendously well. When we complete a project, this really feels like an accomplishment, especially since we have achieved it together. AWL makes us what we are; you feel the enormous gratitude from the people.

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