House of Development

AWL encourages its employees to develop and grow

So it has developed its own House of Development. This reflects our vision on the continuous development of our employees. The house consists of three levels: ambitious starter, passionate professional and future-proof specialist.

Ambitious starter

You’re at the start of your career. At this stage, we help you on your way to grow in your field and ultimately become an independent professional. For example, with the induction program, 100-day program and qualifications.

Passionate professional

As an experienced professional, you want to develop yourself more, you are looking for greater depth in your work, or perhaps you even want to broaden it. Maybe you are looking for growth opportunities at AWL. We find or develop customized programs that help you take this step.

Future-proof specialist

At this level, we help you to keep your skills and competencies future-proof. We focus on your long-term employability. Together with the organization, we identify the skills and competencies that will make a difference in the future and how to develop them.

At every level in your career, the line manager plays an important role in your development. Your line manager will be pleased to help you on your way. The further you are in your career, the more you are personally responsible for your own development.

Ricardo Kamphorst – Mechatronics Technician – 2009

When I started at AWL, my manager asked: “What do you want to become?” I said: “A good mechanic!” His response was: “I’ll talk to you about that again in eight years time then!” After that, I set ever-higher standards, for example by further learning. At AWL, you are motivated to follow training; you are also helped with this tremendously well. It is good that AWL offers this kind of opportunity. Now I am responsible for the entire process surrounding the welding jigs. We are dealing with the heart of the machine, which makes this whole process very special.

Curious about your possibilities within AWL?

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