Our Service team consists of experienced and trained staff with wide knowledge of our machines. We employ Service Engineers worldwide, and where possible, we aim to serve your production sites in their own language. With our complete service program, we work together with you on global effectiveness and efficiency: “Ensuring global productivity.”

AWL is at your service 24/7.


T +31 (0)341 411 855

Are you calling from China, Mexico or the United States and do you need service? Then contact the facility in your area.


First Line Support

For all your questions regarding your machine, AWL has a dedicated Service team to support you. Whenever you have urgent performance queries or are planning to introduce a product modification in the coming period. They will be your first point of contact.

Service Online

To be able to understand the question or issue better, telephone contact with the responsible person on site is the most efficient. Our Service Engineer can provide advice and instructions by telephone to solve production issues.

AWL will make efforts to provide support as soon as possible; on average, this is within half an hour. The common language is English.

Besides telephone support, our Service Engineers can connect to the production equipment remotely. AWL machines are equipped with advanced software which enables remote access by AWL over a secured VPN connection. Service Engineers can remotely login into your machine and execute a modification or assist you in diagnosis. For remote fault finding and fault resolving, we have an excellent track record which avoids time-consuming mobilizations (over 80% effectiveness).

Service Online 24/7

With Service Online 24/7, AWL will make qualified personnel available 24 hours per day and seven days per week. AWL will provide remote support to shorten downtime and quick troubleshooting of system problems and malfunctions. Wherever possible, AWL shall conduct remote service support through direct logon into your system. After the initial telephone support, a diagnosis can be initiated through a remote connection. For the majority of issues, this remote support has appeared to be sufficient to bring back the equipment into production.

Service Online 24/7 is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Except for Dutch National and Christian Holidays. Furthermore, the day before ends at 11 PM and the day after starts at 8 AM. The support provided will be separately charged as per the applicable AWL Service rates.




To ensure high productivity, proper maintenance should be executed regularly. This includes maintaining the mechanical, electrical, and controls components of the system.
AWL Service can support you in defining a maintenance strategy together with your operating and maintenance team.

Machine condition inspection

With this inspection, the overall condition of your AWL equipment will be assessed, and a recommendation will be reported to you.

A proper condition of your equipment is essential as far as continuity, and a high level of productivity is concerned. This inspection can be an addition to your monitoring and maintenance activities. The recommended interval is yearly.

  • Preparation in house
  • On-site condition inspection of the equipment
  • Inspection report with findings
  • Proposal based on recommendations
  • Traveling time and expenses included

Field Service

To also serve you on-site, a professional Field Service Team is available at AWL, consisting of qualified Field Service Engineers. In the event of an emergency, a Field Service Engineer can be made available on-site as soon as possible, within reasonable limits.

Spare & Wear parts

Each AWL machine is linked to a multitude of different spare and wear parts. By using original parts from AWL, you will receive optimum performance and durability. AWL can advise you on the required amount and selection of spare and wear parts or kits to be kept on stock.


Machine modifications & upgrades

Service Projects

AWL understands that during the machine lifetime, the requirements and products might change. This can vary from lifetime extension up to product modifications and component upgrades.
Our Service team is the right team to engineer these modifications and upgrades, purchase the required components, and install and commission these on-site. A Project Manager will be assigned to your specific service project, ensuring the project’s quality, progress, and planning.

Service Agreement

Service Agreements are compiled together with the customer based on the service requirements of the production plant. With such an agreement, the goal is to keep the equipment’s availability as high as possible, aiming for maximum productivity.

A Service Agreement with AWL can contain one or more components (see below), but next to these main components a Service Agreement might also include the following:

  • Mobilization Guarantee
  • Dedicated Contract manager
  • Dedicated Field Service engineer
  • Yearly evaluation of Service Agreement


AWL has developed a well-balanced training portfolio. As a smart, reliable partner, we want to keep our customers ahead, enabling optimum production with proven and innovative techniques. This training program offers our customers the right knowledge and skills to operate, control, and maintain the equipment. Each training has its own level that suits the target group.

  • Basic and Advanced Operator
  • Maintenance
  • Process Equipment
  • Robot Operator
  • Machine Diagnostics and Troubleshooting