Minor assignment

Are you looking for a minor assignment? You will find it at AWL!

AWL wants to be ready for the challenges of the future! We want to play an important role in the dynamic, global and fast-paced environment! And that’s why we never stop innovating; this motivates and drives us, it’s our DNA. But we cannot do this alone, for this, we need creative and motivated talents. Are you that talent?

Certainly as a student, you can take a fresh look at a problem that AWL encounters. Your creative idea could be just the answer that we have not yet thought of. A minor assignment develops this creativity, combined with our experience, into a cool solution!

How do we go about it?

Beforehand, we have already thought about the possible assignments and delivered these to your educational institution. On your part, we ask you to state your project group, including educational background and requirements, in the application letter. Together we subsequently enter into a discussion to harmonize everything. Your assignment always contributes to the further development of AWL!

Example of a minor assignment:

  • Engineering bureau project – Windesheim
    Example: The design of a maintenance module for mobile robots
  • Quality in Software ENG (SE3) – Windesheim
    Example: Getting Started with Machine Vision
  • Industrial Automation and Robotics – Windesheim
    Example: The use of a cobot for an AWL welding station