Technical Traineeship

Your technical career at AWL

Did you just and are you looking for a job where you will start your career as a technician? You want to work in an organization where you can immediately apply your acquired knowledge in practice? AWL developed a traineeship for driven technical talents. At AWL you’ll get the space to learn further, grow and of course work on your ambitions!

Reasons for traineeship

At AWL we believe that a traineeship is a great start of your career for two main reasons:

Talent development
We believe in a long term approach for talent development. As a starter you are often not fully aware of the talents you have. We give you the opportunity to explore the context first before you start developing your specific expertise and talents.

Best fit
For a successful long term relationship between you and AWL, finding the best fit during the traineeship is a key-success factor. Working in different departments first will give you a better choice for your final position.

Testimonial Luc Prins

‘’After completing the Mechanical Engineering course, I started looking for a job. I think that through the Technical Traineeship, AWL offers the opportunity to learn a lot. The first months, I worked at the Assembly department. After that, I will work on the Jig Assembly for a few weeks. By working on the shop floor, you get a great impression of the practice; you get to know certain projects and machines from AWL. As an engineer, it is important to link theory and practice. After the period on the shop floor, I will work for about seven months on the Robot Simulation department and then for nine months at Mechanical Engineering. The traineeship not only gives you more insight into the various disciplines, but you also get to know the people within AWL.’’

– Luc Prins

Program of the traineeship

Two years:

  • Program is the blueprint, customization is possible;
  • The program must be a fit with your ambitions and with AWL’s job opportunities;
  • If there is not immediately a place in the workplace, you will follow another short introduction program at another department (e.g. robotics or controls).

Other benefits

  • Annual trip with the traineeship group to e.g. Volkswagen;
  • Annual group theme for training;
  • Career guidance: assessments and intervision;
  • Internal training and education (AWL Academy);
  • Opportunities for external (technical in-depth) training.



Testimonial Koen Dekker

‘’The Technical Traineeship function appealed to me because of the deepening that is possible in multiple departments. Because of my background in Logistics Management, I started at the Logistic Engineering department. The next step is at the Assembly department where I want to control the facets of a Project Coordinator. My ambition is to become a Project Coordinator or Project Manager. The opportunities and the technology sector have been the deciding factors for me to take this path as a Technical Trainee at AWL.’’

– Koen Dekker