Your career starts with entering the labor market. From that moment, you have taken the first steps on your career path. It may be a little vague in the beginning, but after several years you notice that you have preferences and/or an aptitude for certain tasks and roles. At AWL, we think it’s important that ‘starters’ receive good guidance in those first steps. To a great extent, those first steps determine your future professional behavior and they provide direction for your career. You have just finished your educational program and feel that your education is more like a ‘basic qualification’ than that you are immediately fully ready for the labor market. To have that readiness develop as well and as quickly as possible, AWL consciously uses on-boarding programs. As a result, you – the starter – feel that you get the time and mentoring you need to grow.

Training within AWL

On the one hand, we offer training for the development of your personal skills, communication, personal effectiveness, time management, language courses, etc. and, on the other hand, we provide basic technical courses which enable you to become acquainted with the various disciplines (for example, PLC control technology for beginners) in the organization.

Never done with learning

What’s nice about our area of professional expertise is that the technology changes so often that you will regularly find during your career that you are once again a ‘junior’ on a certain topic. You will literally and figuratively never be all done learning. That’s why AWL values programs that provide the experienced professional the opportunity to give his or her career a boost. This can occur with educational programs, training courses, coaching – you name it. What is important here is that you are always looking together at what the organization asks of you and whether that still matches who you are. In addition, you – as a professional – can indicate to your manager what you want or aspire to, in order to see whether that helps you fit with the development of the organization. You will not be the first one to start as a technician and grow to become a team leader. Just ask Chris Testerink about his career path: he first started at AWL after completing his Level 4 BOL (school-based pathway) educational program and, after his higher professional education (HBO) program at PTH and team leader at the Jig Building, is now team leader at Assembly.

Development is needed

Your career is continuously changing because your surroundings expect this of you (work changes), but also because you can demand this of yourself. What do you want, what can you do – and make this easy to discuss. This doesn’t mean that there will always be a direct match with what the organization needs but it does allow you to consciously direct your own career. Development issues arise here and can be sketched out together. Development is needed to realize the future of AWL, and we are all a part of that.

By Chris Meijnen, Coordinator Training and Education

Posted on Oct 29, 2018


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