Prefabrication of sprinkler pipes

Fire safety is a choice

AWL has developed fully automated welding solutions for the production of prefabricated sprinkler pipes. A sprinkler system is a system that is able to automatically extinguish an incipient fire locally. Sprinkler systems protect buildings and people from the effects of fire. Because the systems spray water only on the location of the fire, the damage is kept to a minimum and they make a safe escape possible. More and more office buildings, public buildings and even houses are equipped with sprinkler systems.

Prefabricated sprinkler pipes

The most effective way of laying a sprinkler system is through the use of prefabricated sprinkler pipes. Depending on the area in which they are installed, these pipes have a connection for a sprinkler head in exactly the right place, and assembly on the construction site can take place quickly and effectively. AWL has developed several fully automated welding solutions for the production of these sprinkler pipes.

Any required position

AWL’s welding machine has a freely programmable capability of welding a connection at any desired position of the pipe. Robots work together to cut the hole in the pipe, removing the cutting waste, placing the connecting nipple and then welding it. The high weld quality makes water leakage impossible. Often, up to 30 different kinds of connection nipples can be chosen, depending on the type of nipple and the diameter of the pipe.

AWL's sprinkler welding line

Flexible control

Users of our welding machines have the ability to generate production lists from the drawing room, which can be directly loaded into the machine control. After this, the pipes only need to be loaded into the machine. The machine measures the pipes, retrieves the corresponding order from the production list, and then fully automatically produces this pipe. Each pipe may then be different. Of course, marking the pipes is also an option. The machine’s robust software, together with the intelligent programming of the robots, ensures a very stable and reliable production system.

Additional functionality

In addition to the welding of the pipes, solutions are also available, for example, for shortening the pipes, and deburring and grooving the pipe ends.

Interested in the possibilities of welding sprinkler pipes? Please feel free to contact us.