Work as

PLC Control Engineer

at AWL!

40 hours
HBO / Bachelor
Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico


What do we expect?

  • A large amount of enthusiasm, together with a passion for software!
  • A Bachelor’s degree in the field of Electrical Engineering, Industrial Automation, Control Engineering or related;
  • >2 years of proven work experience as a (PLC) Software Engineer;
  • Experience within industrial automation / Mechanical Engineering and extensive knowledge of various systems and programming languages (SCL, Siemens TIA portal, Allen‑Bradley);
  • Willing to travel for extended periods, count with a US visa and work abroad if necessary.

What do we offer:

  • A challenging workplace that encourages your creativity and development so that you can continuously grow as a professional;
  • An enthusiastic, young and growing team;
  • Autonomy and responsibility;
  • A competitive salary and other labor conditions and benefits superior to the law.


Fernanda Martinez

Fernanda Martinez

Ask me a question!

As PLC Control Engineer at AWL you are responsible for the development of software programs for customer specific machines. Think of software that controls robots, vison systems and welding equipment. As a PLC Control Engineer you work closely together with colleagues from different disciplines, including your direct colleagues from Control System and Safety, Robotics and Project Management. You are able to guide other departments in your procedure and to function as an advisor. Besides the implementation of complex PLC standard software, you also possess a strong coordinating and organizational role.  

  • Implementation of AWL PLC standard;
  • PLC Allen Bradley or Siemens TIA portal;
  • Supervising the implementation within the project group; 
  • Monitoring progress; 
  • Providing input for long-term (R&D) developments; 
  • Customer contact in the form of training and guidance regarding the implementation.

This will be your day

8:00 After a cup of coffee and discussing the weekend, you get back to work! You have the freedom to execute your work and will start with your own planning. You will determine the priorities for this week.
10:00 You dive back into your project, in which you are already in the final phase of the realization. Time to debug and get it reviewed by your colleagues.
13:00 You have a project startup with the project team. You simulate if all requirements are complied with the project specifications and proceed with the translation to the control design.
15:00 Your colleagues are stuck in a project and ask for your expertise. You are naturally acting as an advisor and are already looking forward to fix this challenge together!
17:00 Time flies! You are going to finalize the day and lock your laptop. With a satisfied feeling you go back to home.

Your tasks:

65% Implementation projects
20% Managing your projects
10% Support other areas
5% Other
Your choice: Your strengths: Introduction