Work as

Mechanical Engineer

at AWL!

40 hours
MBO 3/4
Harderwijk, Netherlands


What do we expect?

  • Knowledge of and experience with production automation is a plus;
  • Minimum of a mbo-4 or a hbo degree preferably towards Mechanical Engineering, Automotive or Engineering;
  • To be successful you have knowledge of: 3D CAD and PDM systems;
  • You have a flexible and solution-oriented attitude, are pragmatic, have good communication skills and enjoy working as part of a team;
  • 2 to 5 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer.

What do we offer:

  • A good salary between €3.300 and €4.500, overtime and profit sharing;
  • 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days based on a 40-hour work week and other benefits associated with the position;
  • AWL Academy with >50 training programs, focusing on both hard and soft skills;
  • Participation in our vitality program "Boost Your Life" including boot camp, spinning, and fresh fruit in the department;
  • Lots of room for personal input, training and education.


Priya Jhorai - Bholasingh

Priya Jhorai - Bholasingh

Ask me a question!

As Mechanical Engineer you will design AWL machines based on known or new concepts. We supply these machines mainly to customers in the general industry, automotive and logistic industry. 
What is ultimately built on the floor is "our" product. You are really working on something concrete.
You will work on projects for the general industry. In this versatile position, you develop the concepts of the design, support or organize doing concept testing, you are responsible for the mechanical design, purchasing specifications and you have an active role in the project team. You have regular contact with customers, suppliers and our other Engineering disciplines. You contribute to the further development of our standards and concepts.

AWL also attaches great value to the development of its employees. Depending on your wishes and ambitions, you can grow to become, for example, a Lead Engineer!

This will be your day

8:00 Full of enthusiasm you start the week. After a cup of coffee with your colleagues, you start the day. You determine your deliverables for this week and you block out some time for adhoc matters. You actively have 2 projects running, which gives you a lot of energy!
10:00 You dive back into your project, where you are already in the final stages of the design concept. Today you will prepare a presentation to the client showing the progress and the final design.
13:00 After a lunch break and a walk outside with your colleagues, you resume working on your project. A meeting is scheduled to turn over parts of your project to your hardware engineering colleagues. They will continue with the specifications.
15:00 You get a call from the shop floor about one of your projects. Since you are the engineer, you naturally act as a consultant and help your colleagues on the shop floor solve problems and ultimately deliver a beautiful machine!
16:30 Time is flying! It's already 4:30 p.m.! You go to finish the day and lock your laptop. With a satisfied feeling, you go back home.

Your tasks:

65% Machine design
15% Technical Advice
10% Guidance and coordination
10% Meetings with customers and suppliers
Your choice: Your strengths: Introduction