Each cabinet can be produced with its unique properties, thanks to the AWL software. Moreover, the machine reports the production status of each product using the same software link.

AWL has tested and proven machines for the production of cabinets. Characteristics of our designs are:

  • a high level of automation,
  • flexibility in production,
  • short cycle times, and;
  • ergonomics for your employees.

Because these machines are designed parametrically, you do not need separate settings for each type of cabinet. You select and the machine produces the desired product and quantity.

With steel cabinets, the look is determined by the design and finish, AWL’s expertise is unique in this respect. For this reason, in addition to resistance and arc welding, we also apply new welding techniques, such as laser welding. Other requirements are a large manufacturing capacity and logistics improvements. In AWL’s system solutions, you will find an appropriate answer to your design and production questions.

AWL's welding process for cabinets

Minimal post-processing

The joined products that come out of the machine are of such a quality that further post-processing is minimized. Moreover, AWL’s automated system solutions have an option for continuously adjustable dimensions. Our machines can be easily switched to different product variants. Because the changeover times are short, we can produce different product variants on one line and adjust the batch size as required. This enables you to serve your customer per order. In addition, you can also couple the machine to a bending or preparation machine.

At AWL, we choose as much as possible for a robot solution, because, besides high reliability, the machine provides maximum flexibility for future product variants.

Over the years, AWL has designed and built numerous automatic welding systems for electrical cabinets, filing cabinets and steel furniture.

Are you curious about our solutions for producing your cabinet?