Work as Robot Welding Engineer at AWL!

40 hours
HBO / Bachelor
Spartanburg, United States



Anastasia Weir

Anastasia Weir

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To translate project specifications into the design of the robot control program and the realization of that program.

Preparation activities
Assesses the requirements formulated in the project specifications and the mechanical design for the robots with regard to the connections of the products to be manufactured. Discusses possible clarity issues with the Head of Process Quality, Technical Robotics Coordinator and/or Project Coordinator. Tests whether all requirements from the project specifications are met. Uses standardized methodology wherever possible.

Execution activities
Optimizes the (welding) process using robots and welding equipment. Achieves a working process that meets the requirements. Also does this when equipment is commissioned on-site at the customer’s, and discusses possible issues with the customer. Feeds results and deviations back to the Project Coordinator and/or Head of Process Quality.

Other activities
Discusses plans with the Head of Process Quality and the Project Coordinator and indicates whether support is required to adhere to current plans. Provides input for standardization of program components.

Knowledge of the following is required:

  • Project specifications and mechatronic design of the project;
  • Requirements the software is to meet;
  • (offline) Robot programming;
  • Welding processes and welding equipment;
  • Mechatronics;
  • Spatial awareness;
  • Machine safety;
  • Compliance with quality requirements, environmental and health & safety regulations;
  • Applied applications.

Manual skills required

  • Robot programming;
  • Adjusting and operating welding equipment;
  • Entering and retrieving details using a keyboard.

Job components and authority:
Works independently within the framework demarcated by the requirements of the project specifications. Must always take account of the mechatronic design, the welding process and the possibilities of the software. Implements, possibly after consultation, changes to the software. Must independently solve any problems that crop up.


  • A working (welding) process that meets the requirements.
  • Software back-up and version management;
  • Recording of parameters settings;
  • Delivery of information needed for manuals;
  • Efficient and on-schedule completion of work.

Effective communication required with:

  • The Head of Process Quality about the work and possible problems;
  • The customer when commissioning the robot and the welding process;
  • All employees involved about functional changes;
  • The Project Coordinator about test results, possible problems, and proposals for changes;
  • The Technical Robotics Coordinator and Robot Simulation Project Engineer about issues and implementing changes and/or improvements.

Willing to travel and work abroad if necessary for approx. 30% of your time.
AWL Automation is an EEO employer – M/F/Vets/Disabled