Storage racks

With the emergence of, among other things, e-commerce, fast delivery and flexibility are the keys to success. This demands smart storage management and automated solutions. More automation in conjunction with scaling-up ensures that distribution centers require (high) racks with precision and quality. Are you looking for a machine that can make these racks to meet these requirements? AWL offers fully automated production concepts.

Fully automatic welding machines

AWL builds fully automatic welding machines for producing storage racks. We have already successfully developed and offered these production concepts for various players in the world. These machines make it possible to adapt production flexibly to customer requirements while maintaining high quality and guaranteeing short delivery times.

Production with large numbers

The horizontal girders of a rack are a good example of a welded part in large production. In one distribution center, hundreds of horizontal girders are used, all of which must meet high quality standards. Each girder consists of a beam with a welded hook at each end with which it is mounted on the rack. Depending on the load, lighter or heavier profiles may be needed, each with different longitudinal dimensions, which demands different welding methods. AWL has over 30 years of experience with various joining techniques.


Fully automated line

The production of these girders has a high degree of automation. The profiles are formed in a roll forming line from coil (hot rolled steel) and cut to length. Depending on the type, the profiles are then assembled and hooks are added and welded to the ends by robots. Robots subsequently suspend the profiles on a powder coating line, and then another robot removes the profiles from the line and the parts are palletized. With our machine, it is possible for all these operations to take place automatically without the intervention of operators.

High reliability

Automation is only successful if the machine produces very reliably. Our machines are capable of doing this thanks to the stable software of the AWL machine controllers. We supply the machines turnkey and, as an experienced system integrator, we are committed to working with several suppliers of sub-processes in order to be able to offer you the best solution.

Interested in the potential of our welding machines? Please feel free to contact us.