What is it like to work with AWL?

We believe in our people! No-nonsense and down to earth. At AWL, you work in an international business environment, whereby it comes down to collaboration in teams and colleagues who are very engaged with each other. Our staff describes the AWL company culture as being very pleasant. Our professionals have a passion for their work. Together they work very hard to provide productivity for our customers worldwide. Our vision is therefore:

“In a quickly shifting market, we are convinced that in the coming years, automation and robotization will shape the world in which we live and work. AWL retains a leading position through innovation and strong partnership.”

AWL's promises

We offer you a challenging workplace, which makes a claim on your creativity”, and development. By continuing to develop yourself, within our organization you can continuously take new steps and grow as a professional.

Since we are a project organization, do not expect to get stuck in your position. You will work together with different disciplines in varying team compositions, so that you are repeatedly challenged to come up with new solutions.

We believe in life-long learning, and so at AWL we offer ample career and learning opportunities. It is not without reason that for years we have had an in-house training coordinator, who is purely focused on your development. We also have a wide range of internal and external training programs, which prepare you for your next (international) career step.

All our departments work closely with students and graduating students. This keeps us young and stimulates us to work on new developments. We are therefore used to new faces and know how to engage people in our work processes. Also young people are given project responsibility. In that sense, we are just like an academic hospital where young professionals with the right support are able to achieve great things.

Working at AWL for you

Having pleasure in your work, contributing to an internationally expanding company and celebrating successes together. That is what working at AWL is all about. If you work with us, you form part of an inspiring, professional and quickly developing environment.

Your opinion counts! We consider it important that our staff contribute to improvements.

Our employees have individual priorities, ambitions and aspirations. We want to facilitate and stimulate your personal growth by investing in you. We try to ensure that employees continuously develop themselves. AWL works constantly on new developments and ambitions. Together, we will always be seeking a match between your ambitions and developments at AWL, so as to stay on track together.

We do this by

  • Stimulating own ideas and personal initiative
  • Growth processes through experience and training
  • Career counseling
  • Challenging and innovative projects
  • Personal coaching
  • A wide range of internal and external training courses
  • Internal promotion to other positions
  • Internal training program


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