Work as

Robot Welding Engineer

at AWL!

40 hours
Higher professional education (Bachelor)


What do we expect?

  • A large amount of enthusiasm, together with a passion for welding!
  • A Bachelor’s degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Welding Engineering, Industrial Automation or related
  • >2 years of proven work experience as a Robotic Engineer
  • Experience within industrial automation / Mechanical Engineering and knowledge of various robot brands and engineering programs (Robotstudio,WorkVisual,RoboGuide,Q84, Araxis, eDrawings, etc.)
  • Willing to travel national and international, preferably count with a US visa and work abroad if necessary

What do we offer:

  • A challenging workplace that encourages your creativity and development so that you can continuously grow as a professional
  • An enthusiastic, young and growing team
  • Autonomy and responsibility
  • A competitive salary and other labor conditions and benefits superior to the law


Bianca Dankert

Personnel Officer

Ask me a question!

As Robot Welding Engineer you are responsible for the optimization of our welding processes using robots and welding equipment. You will evaluate and assess the requirements formulated in the project specifications and the mechanical design for the robots regarding the connections of the products to be manufactured and within time ranges. Afterwards, you will test whether all requirements and specifications are met.

Subsequently, you are responsible to do the commissioning at the customer's site and discuss any ambiguities. Therefore, you will be in close customer contact. In short: it's your job to ensure that the welding quality we promise to our customers up front will be realized in the field.

This will be your day

8:00 Monday in AWL, after a cup of coffee and discussing the weekend, you get back to work! You have the freedom to execute your work and will start with your own planning to achieve goals and deadlines of your project assigned. You and the Project Coordinator will determine the priorities for this week.
10:00 You dive back into your project, lots of data, specifications and challenges, in which you are already in the final phase of the realization. Time to make notes of how you solved the “welding that looked impossible” and get it reviewed by your colleagues.
13:00 You have a project startup with the project team. You review the engineering preparations, look for all the data you will need for execute your task and prepare them to present them in the kick-off meting with the project team.
15:00 Your colleagues are stuck in a project and ask for your expertise. You are naturally acting as an advisor and are already looking forward to fix this challenge together!
17:00 Time flies! You are going to finalize the day and lock your laptop. With a satisfied feeling you go back to home and plan in your mind your travel to your coming project.

Your tasks:

70% Implementation projects and process release support
15% Managing your projects
10% Support other areas
5% Other
Your choice: Your strengths: Introduction