Work as Robot Programmer at AWL!

United States
40 hours



Anastasia Weir

Management & HR Assistant

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Translate project specifications according to robot operating software and implementing it.

Preparation Activities
Analyse which requirements there are in the project specifications and the mechanical design of the robots (various types and brands) with regards to handling and connections/joints/junctions of to be manufactured products. In case of discrepancies consult with Team leader Controls Engineering and/or Project Coordinator. Draw up initial design in a flow chart. Further develop the initial design from concept to a fully functional & operational robot software programme. Ensure all requirements are met as described in the project specifications through thorough testing. If conceivable, use standardized methods.

Execution Activities
Carry out testing to ensure requirements are met and according to project specifications. Implement/apply improvements after testing, possibly after consulting with Team leader Controls Engineering and/or Project Coordinator. See to optimization of robot software programme into a fully functional process. Assess and safeguard machine safety/security measures. Relay results and deviations back to Project Coordinator. See to programming of robots and installing on customer’s premises and provide clarity for customer in case of questions or uncertainties. Program and fine tune processes that are (in) directly connected to the robot.

Other Activities
Consult Team leader Controls Engineering and Project Coordinator for planning and indicate whether or not additional support is required to maintain current planning. Provide input for the purpose of standardisation of (parts of) the software program.

Job components and authority

  • Works independently within project specifications;
  • Takes into account the mechatronic design and the software programming possibilities; Make adjustments in the software programming and seek consultation if required;
  • Expected to solve most common and notable problems independently.


  • Accurate design of programs;
  • Correct functioning of programs according to project specifications;
  • Back up and version control of software programming;
  • Document parameter settings;
  • Providing necessary/required information as input for manuals;
  • Within planning efficiently complete tasks/projects.

Effective communication required with:

  • Team leader Controls Engineering concerning work/projects and issues/problems;
  • Customer when installing robot on customer’s premises and during machine training;
  • Employees involved concerning functional changes made;
  • Project Coordinator about planning, test results, notable issues/problems and change proposals;
  • Technical Coordinator Robotics and Robot Simulation Engineer about indistinctness and making changes and/or improvements;
  • AWL NL organization about processes and/or projects and/or standards;
  • Willing to travel and work abroad if necessary for approx. 30% of your time.