Providing mainly technical and if needed commercial support to Account managers. Supporting marketing activities if needed.
Reports to
Sales Manager US
Preparation Activities
Providing technical support to the Account Manager by reviewing and interpreting the needs of an account. Communicates with the account about its needs and sets the framework with required information supplied to the Concept Engineer. Coordinates, prepares and plans the offering process internally and supports the making of a concept. Is leading in the decision making process with regard to the best technical, feasible and winning concept.
Execution Activities
Aligns the offering process planning with external and internal stakeholders. Takes care of the handover of the project from Sales to the project team and discusses post-handover changes to the project with the project team. During the entire project the Sales Engineer is contact on behalf of Sales for Project Management. Is responsible for an effective transfer of technical and commercial determining aspects. Is accountable for setting up the offer including technical description, specifications, timing, acceptance criteria and prices. Makes a review of the Quotation process and discusses the review with the Concept Engineer and Account Manager. Visits foreign accounts on a regular basis.
Corresponds with the account or third party concerning offering processes if needed. Analyses market developments (technically and commercially), translates and communicates these to the organization.
Knowledge of the following is required
  • mechatronics;
  • applied techniques at AWL Group and accounts, e.g. joining and logistic technologies;
  • available lessons learned, norms and hour rates;
  • financial insight in material-, labor- and processing costs;
  • administrative processing off orders and offerings;
  • scope of technical background of the project the budgeting concerns;
  • control technology, production philosophies and manufacturing processes;
  • material characteristics;
  • Excel;
  • Proficiency in English
Manual skills required
  • Retrieving data and information using a keyboard
    Job components/authority
    Works independently in consultation with the Account Manager. Discusses analyses and information with Manager Sales Automotive and gives advice in this respect. Translates account requests in fitting offers (technical and commercially), taking in account norms and regulations. Leads in the decision making process internally. Is responsible for providing information and needs in support of sales activities. Replaces the Account Manager in certain matters if needed.
  • provides technical advice to the Account Manager and Concept Engineer;
  • takes into account technical feasibility, risk analysis, costs and technical developments to come with winning concepts;
  • staying up-to-date about the market conditions concerning technique, price level and competition;
  • technical and commercial support of the Account Manager;
  • planning and coordinating the Quotation process;
  • aligning the offered project planning with resources;
  • review of the scope to be final negotiated;
  • transfer of new projects sold to the Project Team.
Effective communication required with
(potential) accounts about requests, offers and orders;
  • Manager Sales Automotive in with regard to activities and issues;
  • Manager Concept Engineering;
  • Account Managers and Concept Engineers concerning concepts and offers;
  • Project Team (e.g. the Project Leader) at the handover and follow up of a sold project;
  • Cost Engineers to communicate about determination of the cost price;
  • Engineers and suppliers concerning application of techniques and technical requirements;
  • Planner to align the offering process and planning internally.
  • Monthly, during the sales meeting;
  • Bi- or three-weekly with the Manager Sales Automotive;
  • Weekly, discussing the focus list.

Language skills                 Proficiency in English
Managing others             No


  • Location: The United States
  • Department: Sales
  • Experience level: Professional


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