To manage relationships with prospects and clients within the assigned market segments in order to realize the objectives with regard to intake, turnover and profit.
Reports to
Sales Manager
Preparation Activities
Performing work relating to the sales strategy within the assigned market segment, including, but not limited to:
  • co-defining market objectives;
  • processing requests with a positive chance of success;
  • approaching new clients.
Execution Activities
Building up and maintaining relationships with clients and advising the (prospective) client. Discussing the possibilities (or obstacles) of submitting an offer with Sales Manager - US. Offering and discussing draft designs with clients. Promoting proven concepts to the client.
Consulting the Concept Engineer in respect of possible draft designs. Arranging the complete calculation of the offer and, after consultation, submitting it. Conducting negotiations on price, delivery times and conditions within predefined margins. Drawing up the contract. Arranging the necessary correspondence with the client. Transferring the instruction to and discussing any changes with the Project Manager, after award of contract. Providing commercial support during the project execution phase. The administrative handling of any changes occurring after award of contract.
Knowledge of the following is required:
  • the market;
  • applied technical and commercial aspects at AWL-Automation
  • mechatronics and developments in that field;
  • financial and commercial aspects within the project organization  
  • presentation, negotiation and sales techniques;
  • the competition;
  • the costs of the systems;
  • the rules and regulations in respect of business matters, health & safety (working conditions) and quality.
Manual skills required
  • Retrieving and entering data by means of a keyboard.
  • Proficient with Microsoft tools especially Excel and Word
  • ERP System Knowledge (ideally Microsoft Navision)
Job components and authority
Works independently within the framework of the assigned sales target and the guidelines of the Sales Manager - US. Translates clients' wishes into suitable offers (technically and commercially), taking into account all the rules and regulations. Negotiates within predefined margins. Work can be performed simultaneously for multiple instructions. Enters into obligations with the client, in consultation with the Sales Manager - US.
  • co-setting the turnover and margin targets within the assigned segment;
  • co-defining market objectives;
  • expanding product groups per client;
  • maintaining relationships with existing and prospective clients; Industry Involvement.
  • keeping himself informed of the market situation in terms of price levels and competition;
  • correct transfer of the project sold, in accordance with the agreements made;
  • commercial support during the project phase;
  • correct handling of the administrative process.
Effective communication required with:
  • the Sales Manager - US and Commercial Director in respect of strategy, offers, competition position and state of affairs with regard to the turnover realized;
  • the Concept Engineer in respect of the possibilities and concepts and with the Cost Engineer on the corresponding cost price;
  • (prospective) clients on requests/offers/instructions on technical execution options versus pricing;
  • with Project Managers, during the transfer and coordination of projects.
  • during the quarterly sales meeting;
  • Bi- or three-weekly with the Sales Manager;
  • Weekly, discussing the focus list.
Managing other:  No

  • Location: The United States
  • Department: Sales
  • Experience level: Professional


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