"I'm working as a PLC programmer around 3 years, during this period I participated in projects with kinds of Automotive customers(body,seating,special,etc..).To be more specific in control field I did plc program design and cell commissioning work.You can image the feeling of perform like brain of a machine is quite good. JTherefore I'm stay curious and interest of my job! If you have the same will, welcome to Join us!"

What will you do?
Based on the functional (customer) specification, you as PLC Controls Engineer make the software design (in UML) of our machines. With this design, you or your colleagues will then work out the PLC program in, for example, SCL. Think of software that drives robots, vision systems and welding equipment. All of this is controlled by the PLC in its own way. The main line, or the entire design of the program, is where you engage. Then you divide the work, such as software making, among the programmers.

What do we expect of you?
Control technology is in your DNA and you are creative in solving complex technical issues. You know how to design a program and convert it into code (SCL) using Siemens Step 7 (classic), Siemens step 7 (TIA portal) or Allen Bradley. Do you have no or limited Siemens / Allen Bradley knowledge because you have more knowledge of other software systems? No problem, we offer you the opportunity to develop this knowledge! You are enterprising and someone who is able to take his team in the different phases of the project. To communicate well with our client and to give the training, knowledge of the English language is indispensable. A completed university degree is a must, preferably towards Electrical Engineering, Control Technology.

What can you expect from us? 
If you are interested, you are welcome to join a day. We offer you plenty of room for your own initiative and have challenging projects in which you can further develop your business in the coming years. Laptop of the case and the ability to follow in- and external training so that you as a professional can develop content and as a professional in communication, for example. Also an informal work environment where successes are celebrated!

Are you our new colleague?
Please email your application and resume to infocn@cn.awl.nl, for further information, please visit our global website: www.awl.nl. For special questions, you can contacted AWL CN HR, +86 0510 83560058, +86 0510 8356 0087.

  • Location: China
  • Department: Engineering
  • Experience level: Professional


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