Provide direction to the project team concerning the construction, testing and delivery of projects.
Reports to
Operations Manager
Job Description
Discuss the orders, drawings and concepts with the Project Manager. Determine the best manner of executing the project as efficiently as possible. Determine which employees are required to successfully complete each part of the project. Weekly discussion of the execution with the Project Manager. Plans necessary team members in consultation with the Operations Manager and coordinate the activities within the project team.
Daily Job Requirements
Checks that all parts and sub-assemblies are present and calls up the orders from the warehouse. Discusses the activities and any changes with team members. Assesses the activities and contributes solutions for relevant issues. Contributes to the completion of project activities as required. Gives direction to the implementation of engineering / design changes, if necessary with assistance from the Logistics Engineer and/or Project Manager. Monitors the planning and provides solutions if the planning is not met. Monitors project drawing sheets and records changes. Provides coordination and oversees the required inspections and tests. Discusses the scheduling of deliveries with the Project Manager and/or with the customer and is responsible for solving residual issues. Collects data daily on the status of the project. Prepares and leads project meetings on a weekly basis. Arranges transport of machinery to the customer. Coordinates and plans equipment commissioning at the customer's site.
Knowledge of the following is required:
  • regulations regarding company affairs, safety and welfare (health and safety), maintenance and quality;
  • applied technologies and systems in use with AWL Group and its customers;
  • the assembly of various machines with team members;
  • the efficient planning of the execution of projects;
  • managing team members;
  • tests and inspections to be executed;
  • administrative procedures focused on production-related activities;
  • customer products;
  • setting and adjusting the machine in accordance with the delivery criteria;
  • delivery requirements that the machine is to meet.
    Manual skills required   
  • the use of various industrial equipment, including assembly and adjustment;
  • correct assembly of components to form subassemblies; then connections to other assemblies;
  • operation of machinery;
  • the use of power tools, hand tools, and measuring equipment.
    Job Performance Criteria:
    Work is done in accordance with a work schedule, procedures, job instructions, quality and safety provisions and on the basis of targets with respect to lead times, cost price and quality. Independent allocation and planning of the tasks that are to be carried out within projects with consideration of the project planning, budget and specifications. Determine the efficient use of production equipment and people. Make proposals with respect to budgets, project goals, and personnel. In the event issues arise, contribute solutions to solve them with respect to time and budget constraints..
    Is responsible for calculating the necessary capacity that is needed for proper project planning;
    Determines efficient utilization of equipment and personnel;
    Make proposals with respect to budgets, project goals and personnel;
    Solve problems, adjust planning as necessary to meet deadlines;
    Maintain safety within the project area;
    Manage modification activities with respect to project deadlines.
  • Communication:
  • Project Manager and Manager Operations about the activities and occurring issues;
  • Team members about the activities to be executed and when giving instruction;
  • Technical Coordinators with professional issues and advice;
  • Customers with the commissioning and execution of delivery inspections.
    Managing others:
    Provides executive leadership to a project team in which several Technicians and Control Technicians from various disciplines are involved.
    Project leadership activities are related to:
  • planning the project activities;
  • coordinating the project activities;
  • taking care of the quality and quantity of the executed activities.

  • Location: The United States
  • Department: Assembly
  • Experience level: Professional


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