The technology world is booming. Fantastic jobs are available and in the Netherlands, machine building is operating at full capacity. Companies are desperate for young PLC or robot programmers like you, so you have plenty of opportunities. But AWL is not just any employer. Our training possibilities mean that you are never done with learning. One of these training courses is the “100-day program” of our own PLC and robot academy. Here, apart from PLC, you don't learn to program just one robot brand, but various different robot brands such as Kuka, Fanuc and ABB.

In just 100 days

In spite of all the attention for industrial automation, training a trainee programmer to the level of independent programmer often took two years, and that is where we saw a challenge! We faced that challenge with success: AWL now teaches you to program a PLC or robot in 100 days. 

We got your back 

At our own PLC and robot academy, our experienced professionals prepare you, a graduate electrical engineer or someone with expertise in a different field, to program our complex high-tech machines in 100 days. We do this by guiding you through different modules into the role of an independent professional. In our program, besides software standards, you also learn project skills and how to develop yourself.

Our pathway is unique!

We are the only trainer in the field of PLC and robot programming to offer you a unique program whereby you are trained with real machine components in a safe and high-tech training environment (our Experience Center).

''The only trainer in the field of PLC and robot programming''

This is what AWL offers you:

- Access to our high-tech machines

- Training from experienced professionals  

- Personal soft skills coaching by our internal trainer/coach

- Good employment terms with a clear career path and appropriate salary

- A young energetic organization, more than 15 staff outings per year

- A sports program with a professional trainer

Do you have what it takes?

Then doubt no longer. Every quarter we have two places for training young people to be a PLC and/or robot programmer. There are two conditions: you have completed HBO or WO (higher professional or academic level) education in the electrotechnical field and have a touch of courage.

Renco went before you

''From an early age, my interest lay in the technology world, with autonomous installations and machines in particular. During my study "Industrial automation" I became acquainted with both the factory automation and process automation industry. After working in process automation for several years, I wanted to make the switch to the other side; factory automation. The choice for AWL was easily made. AWL is a leading high-tech company with ambition and growth potential that invests in its people, what else do you want? A good example of investing in people is my onboarding period. I have followed the 100-day program at AWL where AWL teaches you all the basics and product-specific know-how with personal guidance and exemption from project implementation. I was able to program PLC in 100 days A perfect start in a new working environment.'' 

- Renco Jonkman, PLC Control Engineer

Do you have the courage?

Then contact Bianca de Vries now via or call +31630804062 and you will be programming a PLC or robot before you know it.

''You will be programming a PLC or robot before you know it''

Some things we don't automate

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you!


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