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When I started working at AWL I was really impressed by the complexity of the machines. After having filled various positions, I have been in Concept Engineering at the Special Projects department for a while now. There is very little that is standard with these projects and it is up to us, together with Sales, to hit the right note with the customer. What I really like is when you come up with the winning idea together and it actually becomes an order. That really gives a kick. The continuous improvement of the organization and the space and freedom that you get to do that, really appeal to me. And besides that, the technology and dynamics at AWL are amazing. You see a machine not only on paper but also in reality on the shop floor. We develop, build and test, all under one roof. Sometimes I realize too little that what we create at AWL is truly unique and of a very high level. What I have fond memories of is the machine concept finding of the largest laser project ever: a laser welding combination for car seat structures. It was really cool when it actually became an order, the largest one in AWL history so far. A risky project that AWL was even able to build a couple of times. The confidence that I received then and still do, the independence and freedom, make working at AWL very pleasant.

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