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As a Controls & Safety Specialist, you create the control and safety outline of the machine. What is nice about this job is that you go everywhere and are involved with everything in order to give your opinion about the control side of the machine. During the different phases, from engineering to assembly, you are involved. That is also important, because a lot of things happen during the process. In the engineering phase, for example, it can appear that something is not feasible, customer requirements can differ, or the cycle time doesn’t work out – it can be anything. It is often devised by us, so it is up to us then to look critically at the functional description of the machine and check whether everything has actually been carried out as you devised. What I like is the variety in the work. You are at the customer discussions but you are also on the shop floor a lot. I also really enjoy the work in other countries. You are together with your colleagues day and night, and AWL has succeeded in putting a group of people together that can really get along with each other. They are all team players and that works well. Further, the atmosphere here is very nice and you have a great deal of freedom in what you do. And I work with big toys all day!

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