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I like the fact that AWL is a European company and builds automated and robotized machines. The facility in Wuxi is a great place to work; clean and light. The environment at AWL is very open. Everyone is very nice, including management. It is my responsibility to develop our Chinese team; get the best people on board, make sure everyone is happy and has the competences to ensure the quality we promise. It is a big task for a small team, but we do our best to achieve our goals. When I joined the AWL team the first thing I had to do was organize the annual celebration party.The management of AWL NL was also invited. Although I didn’t have much time to prepare this, it was a great success and gave me a chance to really interact with my colleagues. My goal for the coming years is to have a fully professional HR department, where we focus on recruiting and keeping the best and most passionate employees. We will develop the skills and competences of our colleagues so we can truly be a partner for our customers.

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