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I want to be a simulation engineer as I’m really into robots. I worked as a robotics designer and mechanical engineer for the last 3 years, but at AWL I first need to know how it all works, the rules and such, before I can use this knowledge as a simulation engineer. On my first visit to AWL I had a look around on the shop floor and I was amazed. It looked very professional; the fixtures in particular are of another level. The great thing about working at AWL is that everyone is open and enthusiastic. They all take the time to teach me new things. I feel right at home. Everyone is like family. I love that! The most important thing for me now is to improve my English and understand the basics of the work. You can design something yourself and knowing that it will be on the shop floor in a couple of months is amazing. Customers give you their trust and the freedom to build their machine. Every day I learn a bit more and understand the world we work in a little better.

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