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In my work I’m mainly concerned with programming robots. Right now I’m focusing on the improvement of the path that the robot takes. The positions and orientation must be very precisely defined, and I develop software to make that easier to do. For example, I am now developing software in which you see the rotation graphically displayed. Suppose that you want to change the angle of the robot slightly, then you don’t have to rewrite this in the source code. You just move the robot on your screen and the source code is automatically adjusted on the back side. This saves a great deal of time. Definitely when it concerns a lot of positions. Then you don’t need days or weeks for the manual adjustment of the codes but only a few hours or even a few minutes. What is very attractive to me are the quaternions. That is a specific form of mathematics with which you approximate the positions and orientations. I really like the mathematical approximation and, on the other hand, it is great to develop the software to graphically display this in various applications. I did have to learn to explain everything in an understandable manner to colleagues who don’t have this technical knowledge. They have to see the added value. It’s cool when that is successful and you see their outlook change.

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