Our solutions

AWL is a systems integrator of state of the art automated high-tech machinery for joining processes with more than 700 staff worldwide. With branches in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico and the US, we support our customers all over the world. This guarantees our customers’ global productivity by means of smart and reliable solutions in the field of high-end automation, robotization and jointing techniques.

Whereas we started as a company that was specialized in resistance and arc welding, other automation tasks such as laser welding, glued joints, Vision systems, product handling, quality control and traceability are now just as important. All disciplines are represented in our organization, so that we can offer complete solutions .

We take care of everything for our customers, from concept engineering through excellent service. All competences are represented in our organization, enabling us to carry out these projects successfully. We focus on both the automotive industry and general industry .

Our professionals

Each employee has his or her own specialties and strengths. Together we have just one thing in common: the desire to be the worldwide partner in high-tech jointing machinery and production lines, with 100% customer satisfaction. AWL is innovative, progressive and strongly customer and solutions oriented in the field of joining technology. We work with multidisciplinary project teams, which are jointly responsible for realizing the projects. AWL can be characterized as a Smart Reliable Partner.

Our customers

AWL works with global intercontinental customers, that operate at the world-class level. Our profession is primarily in markets with high production volumes, and that need a high degree of automation. We can help these markets stay ahead by means of our automated welding solutions. We deliver smart solutions for both the automobile and the metalworking industries.

Investing in education

For us, investing in education means investing in development. As a technical innovative company, we want to employ our proactive approach to make a contribution to a positive image for technical companies, knowledge development in education and the training of highly skilled professionals. Thus, in our Experience Center  we train robotics technicians and robotics programmers and we contribute to the development of the Technical Academy in Harderwijk. Training and educating is very important to us, so in your work you will often be involved with students.


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